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A good team can move mountains...
• Team Building events can improve communications between employees.
• Team Building events can help you identify employees hidden strengths and weaknesses. Thinkers, Feelers, Doers and Leaders all will reveal themselves to you and to the rest of the team.
•Team Building events can help employees think and do ‘outside the box’.
• Team Building events can promote employee loyalty.

Manhattan Agency Team Building Events are built around your requirements whether it's fun, respite for an overworked team, a chance to improve working relationships in an informal way or a reward for hard work or goals achieved.

Choose from the following Team Building Menu.  Which ever you choose the experienced Manhattan Agency Team Building facilitators have led many team building programs and have gained excellent organisational and communication skills. You can feel confident that every Team Building Exercise will not only meet your expectations but also exceed them.
If you are concerned about finding a venue, we can provide a free venue search to find a suitable venue within your area.


This is a superior team-building event to develop leadership, motivation, team spirit, direction, goals and interdepartmental relations. The idea is that all the group is split into equal Teams representing a country, the best way to organise the teams and the countries is to pick them out of a hat, this way you create a real mix of personalities and skills. All the activities are competitive activities with a element of fun and skill involved, something for everyone young and old, creating a real impact on team spirit motivation, with each team getting involved with all the activities and encouraging other members of their group.





This team-building package can be as big as you require and cater for an unlimited amount of teams. Its team building activities get your team working together creating a better working environment, therefore improving behaviours and in turn boosting performance with effective communication instantly reducing costs. This is the event to choose the multi activity day ticks all the boxes ie; It is exciting, motivating, enlightening exhilarating and in most cases will exceed your expectations.





TEAM OLYMPICS - Event Breakdown:

All the Team will meet for refreshments and generally get familiar with their team members. Then, all the teams will be briefed on the Health & Safety Issues and the itinerary of the event, and then it's of into the fields for a fun packed adventure. Finish the day with the award ceremony. Further information on event activities are given below

• Table Football
• Darts
• Indoor Golf
• Bowling
• Giant Jenga
• Archery
• Five a side
• Long Jump
• Shot Put
• Target Shooting

The Venue:
Can be Indoors or Outdoors, Outdoor area needs to be a level grassed area minimum 1/3 acre depending on activities, the indoor venue needs a minimum of 20 metre x approx. 10 metres, but the event can be adapted to the space available.

First Aid:
A qualified First Aider will be supplied to the event.

Each Event can be operated with up to ten teams each team will themed with their country flags and colours, the teams can be pre-picked by the customer or for a real mix up be picked out of a hat.


MULTI ACTIVITY - Event Breakdown:

We will meet approx. 30 minutes prior to the event for refreshment and to enable everyone to get to know each other, we will then organise everyone into named teams, the Event Manager will then complete Health & Safety Briefing and itinerary for the Event. After a short warm-up let the games begin.

Hovercraft Challenge
Each member of each team will individually score depending on their skill around the course, points deducted for poor control, this is not a boy racer event, and the hovercrafts require great skill to manoeuvre.

Minefield Challenge
Remember the footing of the previous teams member and where to start, as you will be crossing the minefield blindfolded with instruction from your fellow team members.

Rodeo Bull Competition
Try and stay on the rodeo bull as long as possible, best of 3 rides per riders. All the times are added together to get the final times.

The Venue:
The Multi Activity Event can be designed for both indoor and outdoor venues depending if the client required motorised equipment, if motorised equipment is required then we would require a minimum of 2 acres, but if the event is without motorised equipment we can organise the event around the space available. We can also supply a venue search service and site visit for your event.

First Aid:
Although every effort is made against the risks involved accident can happen, we will have at least one First Aider on site, but for larger event we would recommend either your own in-house First Aiders of St John's Ambulance in attendance.

Can be arranged in numerous ways either names out of a hat or by departments or groups of colleagues, this can be organised prior to event on day of event. We recommend a minimum of 4 Teams and a Maximum of 10, but this depends on the amount of activities involved and the number of people in attendance.

The Multi-Activity gives the client the option to pick and choose, which activities they wish to use within their Team Building Event any activity within the site can be at adapted for use within the Multi- Activity Event.