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Venue requirements:

Depending on the events you choose the venue will require different aspects, the hovercraft requires at lease 2 acres of flat ground, with short grass, water is not a problem. The Power-turn, Argo cats and 4 x 4 driving needs a rough terrain this more suitable as this equipment will create marking to the working area yet again minimum of 2 acres.

First Aid:

Manhattan Agency provide at least one First Aider on site, for events of 25 persons and more we would recommend that you either provide your own in-house First Aiders or have the
St Johns Ambulance in attendance.


If only one activity is used the whole team is divided into equal teams each person is timed whilst the rest on the team encourage their progress, after each person has completed the activity the points are collated for each team to determine the winners.

For more than one activity, each team with complete an activity and then rotate onto the next activity until all the activities are completed. The Teams can be organised prior to the event and have their individual names or the teams can be arranged at the event.


All equipment comes with qualified operators and full Health & Safety Briefing will be given prior to the activity.



Event Breakdown:

All the team will meet for refreshments and generally get familiar with their team members. Then, all the teams will be briefed on the Health & Safety Issues and the itinerary of the event, and then it's of into the fields for a fun packed adventure. Finish the day with the award ceremony. Further information on event activities are given below

Hovercraft Challenge
Each member of each team will individually score depending on their skill around the course, points deducted for poor control, this is not a boy racer event, the hovercrafts require great skill to manoeuvre.

Power-Turn duet
Again completed around a previously designed but these machine are driven in pairs each person driving an engine each, the idea is they must work together and communicate with each other to get the skill to drive in the same direction one tiny slip and the wheels will turn and you are going the wrong way, hence the name power turn.

Bobcat Rela
These exciting machine are like driving a mini digger without a bucket, each, member of team is position at points around the course, the 1st member drives to the 2nd member gets out and runs to base whilst the next member drives on to the 3rd member and so on, this is against the clock so get a move on.

Blind Driving
Test your listening and communication skills and driver with the instructions of others.