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This event can be adapted to work indoors or outdoors it is an effective programme to get different employees communicating with each other to enable their team to succeed creating new values and behaviours, whilst engaging then in fun yet not to energetic.


Event Breakdown:

The teams will be greeted and introduced to the Manhattan Agency Team Building Team, whilst enjoying refreshment, after a Health and Safety Briefing and a run through of the event itinerary the event will begin.

Test your ability to keep a steady hand and a eye for detail with the help of our professional instructor.

Treasure Hunt
Solve the clues and find the treasure, work together because you’re against the clock and time means lost points.

Minefield Challenge
After the first team member steps over the minefield remember there footing, as you have to follow blind folded, however you can take instruction from your team. Be careful of the mine they really explode.

Diffuse a Bomb
Against the clock answer the question, get a key, once you have answered enough questions correctly to get all the keys you can diffuse the bomb, but once again great team work required the stop the huge bang.

The Venue:
For the Brain Drain Event the venue can be as small as one third of an acre preferably grassed and can be easily adapted for an indoor venue if the weather is bad.

First Aid:
Manhattan Agency always supplies at least one First Aider per event if you require to supply you own company in-house First Aiders or St John's Ambulance this is always welcome.

For this Event the Teams are best picked out of a hat or organised into department areas so you get a good mix of skills and personalities together.

Other options to be included Giant Games, Jenga, Twister, or why not have finish with a pub quiz and a few drinks and buffet.

Why not finish the day in our beer tent and cold buffet; you can also include the giant games in this package such as Helmet Buzz-wire, Giant Operation, Giant Twister or Giant Jenga.